The BareSkin® Towel is a unique fabic in today’s marketplace. It is a true high arade synthetic chamois that offers the following advantages in comparison to cotton, microfiber and PVA(tube) sponge towels

  • BareSkin® dries 2 - 3 time faster then other materials.
  • Sand dose not stick to the BareSkin® towel (unlike other materials).
  • BareSkin® towels are EASY to clean - simply wash and dry. Some of the other materials require ammonia to clean. Our towel even gets softer with every wash!
  • BareSkin® towels stay soft when wet or dry unlike other materials that stiffen when dry
  • BareSkin® will absorb 3 times it’s weight in water. As with a true chamois, simply wring out and continue to use - it works whether we to dry! Other materials saturate quickly and once wet, are not longer usable.
  • BareSkin® is highly packable - our Beach towel folds from 34”x58” to 4”x6”. Two folded Beach towels will fit in a small 2-drink cooler!
  • BareSkin® is energy efficient and lint free - it will dry quicker and will less energy in driers.

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