The BareSkin® Story

This is how it all began…

Marni Montreal

Marni Montreal


After spending time living in the Virgin Islands and traveling throughout the Caribbean, I discovered a need for a highly absorbent, packable and fast drying towel.  I tried and discarded the heavy terrycloth towels that retained water and collected sand in the humid climate.  As a result, I researched the concept of utilizing a synthetic chamois as a more efficient utility towel for water sports and recreational activities and that would also provide a travel solution.  Comparative research shows that currently available microfiber towels are light-weight but have limited absorption rates, dry slow and do not offer a plush feel.  I wanted the quick drying element and sand shedding property of a real chamois but without the animal smell or stiffness when dry.  After 6 years of researching fabrics the production of the bare skin towel became a reality.  I am proud to present you with the future towel standard.

Using BareSkin® Towel

The functional elements of the BareSkin® allow for multiple uses perfect for surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, beach, yoga, boating, water skiing, volleyball, all sport (triathlons, tennis, football, basketball, baseball, soccer,golf), working out/fitness, pets or the daily bath.  Get the BareSkin® advantage for your active lifestyle.

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