“I’ve been using the beach towel at practices and I really like it!!  The texture of the towel is great!  I mostly use it to stretch on before practice and to wipe my face during practice.  I feel like I can wipe away a ton of sweat and it doesn’t get gross or soppy like a towel.  I also like the interaction with the sand.  It completely does not stick.  Great work!  Thank you for making this product!”
Lauren F.

Professional Beach Volleyball Player

“Love the light weight, packable feature as well as the hand and fast drying performance!”

Avid Hiker & Camper

“I use at the pool and leave in a wet heap in my car…when I am ready to use again, it is dry, doesn’t smell and works fine.  Took it to the beach surfing (it fit nicely in the beach bag unlike the other towels) and even when it was wet, the sand and dirt didn’t stick to it.  I pretty much love it.”

Iron Man Tri-Athlete and Adventure Racer

“I love the weight and the drying capability-I used it to dry off my whole family at the beach one day!  Unreal on hair…”

Amateur Athete/Surfer

“The BareSkin® sports towel is a perfect accessory for beach volleyball.  It is absorbent but dries quickly for use throughout a long day of training or competition.  It is also very soft and does not hold onto the sand, so that the friction caused by sand clinging to a traditional damp towel is virtually nonexistent.”
Ali Lamberson

USA Director if Beach Volleyball Operations

“I have the beach size, which is wonderful for placing over a mat for floor work.  The feel of it is great!  I think the “go” size will be really great for actual beach use by the athletes.  We like to have a face towel handy during practice and competitions for quick use: cleaning sunglasses, wiping sweat, getting sand out of eye, etc.”
Angie A.

USA Beach Volleyball Player

“Before the BareSkin® towel, I would take a regular old towel to the pool. It was bulky, did not work nearly as well as the BareSkin® towel and smelled up my car after swimming. The BareSkin® towel is now my first choice for drying after a long swim or even after a long run when the sweat just won’t stop.”
Brian H.

Ironman Tri-Athlete

“I’ve been using it on my puppy after she comes in from being on wet grass and it works like a charm.  It’s is also small enough to put in her carrier when we take her out to the dog park.”
David S.

Sourcing Expert and Pet Owner

“Used the TOWEL for the first time last weekend.  It is awesome, from wiping my little league boys’ faces down after a game on Saturday to a nice cool wipe down after a fast ½ marathon in Tucson on Sunday.  I’m no dummy – it now has a permanent place in my gear bag.”
Ron Pena


“This towel is amazing for the beach and surfing as you can change with it and it dries you off quickly, packable, sand doesn’t stick and it dries my wetsuit completely!”
Brody W.

Paddle Border/Surfer

“I really like the BareSkin® Towel. I use it every day and am so impressed with the speed it dries and the absorption capacity.”
Al M.

Infantry British Army

“The BareSkin® is outstanding. It grabs the water off skin and makes a perfect ” cloth ” for game time use. A dry arm is very easy to brush sand off of and your cloth makes wet skin dry quicker and more completely than any towel I have ever used. The most important thing is that it is very soft. I have a sport towel version. I am going to get a big one because I love the way it feels on my skin.  Keep me posted on new products.”
Jon Aharoni

USA Volleyball-Coach Coordinator, Beach Coaching and Development

“A triathlete seeks every advantage.  And for me that means I seek products that make me faster and make my life easier.  The BareSkin® towel definitely makes my life easier.  The BareSkin® towel is innovative in that it dries instantly.  When I am training for an Ironman, it seems like I am always wet. The BareSkin® towel solves all that by not only letting me towel off after a swim but by being dry and clean when I use it a couple of hours later after my run.  I love my BareSkin® towel.”
Mark R.

All American Tri-Athlete

“BareSkin® Towels are super comfortable, absorbent, and awesome! I’ve always wanted a towel that exact size, with that exact feel– could never find it until now. Thanks for pursuing your dream, Marni!”
Muki R.

Fitness Buff

“The BareSkin® towel is incredible!  I use the same towel to dry all of my large dogs after bathing – I just wring out the towel like a chamois.  It works whether wet or dry!”
Sue E.

Animal Lover

I use the The BareSkin® towel to dry off out of the pool.  I like it better than a regular towel because I can use it again and again and I don’t have to ask my mom to wash it.”
Nathan R.

5th Grade Swimmer

“Started using this towel after my swim workouts and I love it…incredible the way it absorbs so much water.  Truly an awesome product!!!”
Patrick R.


“Our BareSkin®s went to Disneyland.  California wants people to try and re-use towels at hotels to save on washing water.  The only problem is that the only towel that actually dried out was the BareSkin®.  3 hours over the shower curtain, the BareSkin® was dry.  24 hours later the hotel towels were still wet.  Every hotel in California should have BareSkin® Towels!”
Chris M.